Sunday, June 11, 2006

the great blogging idea

So hey, here I am trying a leave a mark in cyberspace. Not sure how long I'm going to keep this up though... My handwritten 'diaries' lasted till I was about 13, and then I just got too lazy. But this blog idea has sparked up some interest for now, and I've actually taken the time to sign up and stuff. I am determined to make an effort..

So last night was Juls' prom night. woohoo. That wasn't a real, enthusiastic 'woohoo', in case you were wondering, partly because i'm not one for huge 'bimbo-jock' social gatherings, and partly because my prom wasn't all that interesting. Nish and I only went because it was 'our prom'. *sigh
So, our prom took place some time in June 2004. Mum and Dad dropped us off at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, hair curled, make-up fresh, and nervous as hell. Wafa seemed a tad surprised to see us, and my fake so-good-to-see-you-too smile quickly turned into a ooh-looky-a-big-hall grin. We rushed towards where Emily was sitting, looking like a very pretty china doll, and then spent the rest of the night in the bathroom, safe from smoke-filled air, and disturbingly loud hiphop/techno noise, which most of the Cambridge crowd refer to as music. The salad was good though...

Not oddly enough, Juls seems to have had an 'awesome' prom night. But then, most people tend to like that sort of thing. I mean, she went in a limo with 14 others kids, so. Plus, she gets along with a lot more people then I ever did. Weirdly though, we do seem to share a few traits in our 'dressing-up' routine. I think we get that from our paternal aunts. Very 'mangy' and 'rodriguesy', as we would say.

Say, this isn't too bad for my first ever blog entry huh? later then, if I do manage to keep this up.

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